Un ami vous envoie un article « Les mensonges à répétition des alarmistes du Climat ». Comment réagir ?

C’est un cas vécu. L’article est disponible sur https://www.dreuz.info/2019/11/04/les-mensonges-a-repetition-des-alarmistes-du-climat/

  1. A propos du site web DREUZ INFO

Un site pas fiable selon le journal « Le Monde ».

  • A propos de Tony Heller (cité dans l’article en question) :

Il a un site web : realclimatescience.com

“As for Steven Goddard, that’s a pseudonym used by a Birther whose real name is Tony Heller, whose fabrications are so outrageous even some prominent climate change deniers have criticized him for just making stuff up. He’s an electrical engineer by training with numerous climate change denial articles to his discredit–not one has ever been or ever will be published in a peer-reviewed climate science journal.

He has ties to the Heartland Institute, an organization founded to provide the tobacco industry with pseudoscience to help them merchandise doubt about the fact that their products kill their customers. They have since moved on to providing the fossil fuel industry with scads of climate change denial myths which are then passed on by that industry’s shills, pawns and dupes.

Anyone who cites Tony Heller as an authority on climate is demonstrating an inability to evaluate technical information–to distinguish fact from fiction, science from pseudoscience.” Source: https://www.economist.com/comment/3421764

  • A propos du Heartland Institute

Il s’agit d’un des principaux lobbies américains défendant les énergies fossiles.

Pour en savoir plus :https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Institut_Heartland et https://www.desmogblog.com/heartland-institute#key%20people

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